Portable solar panels are a true friend of the prepper. Lightweight and compact – they take up minimal space in your backpack and generate huge power to charge all your gadgets: GPS, smartphone, smartwatch. They are suitable for camping, mountaineering, a long hike, and just for comfortable outdoor recreation.

However, being cut off from electricity for your cell phone while trapped on an abandoned road, in a citywide blackout, or the midst of the woods can be fatal.

One of the top solar battery chargers we’ve outlined below is something you need to have in case there are occasions when you need a little power but don’t have a source of electricity.

BigBlue 28 W

The BigBlue 28W portable solar battery charger ought to be on your wish list if you’re searching for powerful, dependable charging at a fair price. You can charge several devices with this powerful charger’s four panels and three charging connections.

BigBlue 28W charges batteries up to twice as quickly as other top battery chargers.  The SmartIC technology also automatically adapts to your device.

It can either be folded into a small rectangular bag that fits neatly inside a backpack. You can open it up and hang it from a tree or your backpack using the carabiner clips that come with it.

Because the device has weather-protected ports and is water-resistant, you won’t be concerned about an unplanned spill or an unexpected downpour damaging it. This model’s dependability and effectiveness are amazing.

EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel

The EcoFlow portable solar battery has a power of 160 W and a high energy conversion efficiency of 21-22%. It works effectively at a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.  It has a light weight of only 5 kg. When folded, it takes up minimal space in a backpack or car trunk, so you can take it with you everywhere. 

The solar panel can be used with the same brand’s power generator. Paired with it, the battery works effectively even on cloudy days. The solar panel has a seamless one-piece construction and is completely waterproof. The battery can be cleaned with a soft jet of water and immersed in water for a short time. An ETFE film is provided for UV protection.

If necessary, the battery can be connected to controllers or integrated into a complex multi-component system. It is also possible to charge 12V batteries with it.

X-Dragon XD-SC-001

The X-Dragon XD-SC-001 is a respectable choice if you’re seeking a solar battery charger that would only be utilized in emergency scenarios. Although it is not the lightest charger available, it is lighter than some of the others.

The X-Dragon SC-001 has a variety of charging options, which is a wonderful feature.  In an emergency, you can also use solar panels to charge the power bank.

This particular model has a foldable leather sheath with a built-in LED triple-mode light feature and a charging indicator light. A flashlight, SOS, and strobe light are available alerting options.

It can tolerate the occasional fall and can be left outside all night thanks to its shockproof case and water-resistant design. The manufacturer advises using solar panel charging only in extreme emergencies.

Key criteria for choosing a portable solar panel

These key criteria must be paid attention to when choosing a suitable model:

Power. This parameter shows how much power the solar battery is capable of delivering. For example, a power of 300 W means that up to 300 W/h will be transmitted to a device that is charged from the panel.

 Recharging. This item shows that you can charge from a solar battery. For example, charging stations, power banks, and 12V batteries. As for mobile devices, manufacturers recommend first charging the power bank and then powering a smartphone or tablet from it.

Connectors. By the type and number of connectors, you can immediately see what and in what quantity can be connected to the solar battery. Most models charge only one device at a time, but some can connect two or three gadgets at once. There are also solar panels with a USB-C connector, through which you can charge devices much faster.

Moisture protection. This parameter shows how well the portable solar battery is protected from dust, moisture, and water. With a high protection class, it can be used in rainy weather, as well as washed with a soft stream of water.

Additional features. Each model may have different additional chips. For example, a charge controller, a foldable design, and support for Quick Charge 3.0 or USB Power Delivery technologies. All these features expand its capabilities, making it more convenient to use. To avoid overpayment, choose only those options that you will use.

Equipment. Some models already come with cables, clamps, and other elements. This is convenient, because you do not need to buy them separately, and you can use the solar battery right out of the box.

We hope our tips will help you make the right choice. Stay safe!

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