Bunker – a survival retreat or a trap?

Various individuals employ diverse strategies to address the issue of keeping their families safe. That depends on the knowledge and resources that person has at their disposal and the risks that person believes to be the greatest.

An underground structure is one possibility that some people think about. A bunker is, by definition, an underground location designed to keep people safe. Catastrophes, violence from crowds, nuclear strikes, and aircraft bombardment are some examples of this threat.

The idea

The concept of bunkers dates back to the aviation beginning. Before then, reinforced fortifications were used against cannon fire, but the heavier explosives that planes could carry demonstrated the necessity of creating something more durable. As a result, during World War II, air raid shelters – also known as bunkers – were constructed.

However, are they the modern solution we need? The military’s tendency to analyze recent wars to extract what wisdom they can from them is the source of global issues. However, this approach is based on two misconceptions. Firstly, every conflict is unique, there are no two conflicts alike. Secondly, To avoid repeating the mistakes of the previous conflict, possible enemies also study their mistakes.

There is extremely little possibility that we will be subjected to aerial bombardment. The likelihood of a full-scale thermonuclear conflict is also low. Given this, why do some people choose to construct bunkers to survive?

Main reasons

Nowadays, the majority of people who construct underground fortifications do so to defend themselves from attacks by the uncontrolled crowd. They fear that at some unspecified future time when there will be serious shortages of food, famished people will assault them and take everything they have.

Remarkably, a sizable portion of these individuals are affluent experts in technology who run comparatively new tech companies. They consider the future to bring a dismal society in which the majority of people are unemployed and essential goods are in limited supply. So they think the bunker can help survive the people’s desperate acts, such as killing each other, for example.

Some people believe that sheltering out in a bunker is an acceptable method to remain safe from a possible threat, should any of these scenarios come to pass. It’s another matter entirely whether or not it is the right choice.

The problem

The main issue with the majority of bunkers is that you are imprisoned within. Yes, evacuation tunnels are present. However, given that they are usually located just 15-20 meters away from the main entryway, it won’t take long for an assailant to locate it. 

If someone were to succeed in killing you in a standard bunker, all they would need to do is fill its air system with poisonous gases. This will either cause you to choke to death or emerge through the door in a matter of seconds.

Important things

Effective self-defense in a bunker requires both battling from the shelter of your bunker and having a means of viewing what is happening on the outside, at the level of the ground.

Having an escape path is also crucial. Or, for example, have the escape tube go to a secret underground place. There, your escape car is waiting to take you and your loved ones away to safety.

Yes, this is a bit unrealistic, but then, so is the concept of constructing a private bunker as a place to hide out in case of need. You should make sure the bunker can keep you alive if you believe there is a risk you will be assaulted and that having one is the best defense against an assault of this kind. If not, you’ve just wasted a significant amount of cash.

Anyhow, we hope that all these reasonings and arguments will stay a useful theory and we will never need them in practice. Stay safe!

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