Facts You Need To Know To Survive In Any Situation

Every time there is an emergency, it turns out that people would never have allowed it to happen, and if they had, they would have known the solution. We frequently lack the basic knowledge that we need to survive in difficult circumstances. Here are some data that will undoubtedly be useful.

Frost danger

Never attempt to put someone in a hot bath if they are freezing! Rapid heating in frostbite will result in a quick outflow of blood from the brain and other essential organs.

As a result, it is preferable to wrap the person in warm clothes and offer a hot drink or meals with high calories.

Water in the wild

The moisture that is constantly present in the forest comes from dew. Early in the morning, wipe plants and grass using a towel that is good at absorbing water and squeeze the gathered water under any vessel. Boil water before using it.

Snake poison

You’ve probably seen it in the movies. However, we all know that life differs from the movies enormously. Never try to suck the venom out of a snakebite!

The snake poison spreads throughout the body right away. Not only is sucking it out useless, but it’s also harmful because it will irritate the skin in the bite area and hasten the poison’s spreading. Only urgent medical attention will be helpful. So, attempt to acquire one as soon as you can.

Other poison types

Do not attempt to make someone vomit if they unintentionally ingest toxic contaminants or other types of poisonous elements. It is highly unlikely that this approach will work, and will only make the sickness worse.

Call for an emergency if any signs cause you to worry.

Lack of water

Lacking water supplies at home is always unpleasant. What if it was turned off for a very long time and you do not have a water supply on hand?

The water in the boiler is suitable for both cooking and drinking! And besides, it keeps heat for a long time, in case you find yourself in cold conditions. While it has not cooled down, it is even suitable to brew tea and coffee with it, if, in addition, your electricity has been turned off.


Sometimes you can find yourself lost in the woods without a map or compass. Anything can happen. The main thing is not to panic. Find running water and follow downstream. It will lead you to civilization, for sure!


Avoid jumping into the waters to rescue a person who is drowning without additional equipment.  This is extremely risky since a person who is drowning can grasp you and choke you.

Try to get something that won’t sink in the water( log, lifesaver, etc) and bring it with you. Throw the object at the drowning victim after stopping at a secure position.

Panic in the crowded place

What should you do to survive in a frantic crowd? Remember:  asphyxia kills crowd members more frequently. So keep your chest covered and protected. Put one foot in front of the other in the boxer’s position, then place your hands in front of your chest.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee all critical situations. We have told you about the most common ones. We hope this knowledge will help you cope with the troubles that the world around us is full of. Take care and be safe!

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