Water : Сontamination Threats And Previous Cases

Whether water is used for having a drink, household purposes, cooking, or leisure, having convenient access to quality water is critical to human health.

What may happen? 

In case of numerous emergencies, such as floods, war, explosions, and many others your water supplies may have become contaminated or been temporarily cut off.

Polluted water is the main factor in the spread of diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and hepatitis,  just to name a few. During times of crisis, inadequate or improperly provided water and sanitation services or their absence are all sources of preventable risks to human health.

Drinking water for millions of people contains harmful levels of microbiological and chemical contaminants as a result of insufficient treatment of industrial, and farming wastewater.  Natural pollution of water and especially groundwater with substances such as arsenic and fluoride can also be a source of negative public health impacts. Drinking water may also contain chemicals such as lead in high concentrations due to their use in water-contacting plumbing components.

Also, water can be contaminated with salts of heavy metals and radioactive elements. If you use such water, you can become severely ill and your health can be damaged enormously.

Poisoning by contaminated water

If you felt sick after drinking contaminated water, and there is no chance of visiting a doctor, then watch for the classic symptoms of the infection and poisoning – fever, a short-lived rash, headaches, nausea, etc.

In case of chemical poisoning severe throat pain, trouble breathing, or burns on the lips or mouth can add to these symptoms. Also, you can notice abnormal drooling or odd odor on the breath.

First aid

Try to identify the reason for poisoning, If the person vomits, turn his or her head to the side to prevent choking. Let the stomach set, and avoid any food or drink for some time. In a couple of hours give the person sorbent from a first aid kit. Keep the person hydrated.

In the case of internal contamination by radioactive elements, if the contamination has occurred recently, the ingested radioactive material should be quickly removed causing vomiting. If the oral cavity is contaminated, it should be washed with saline solution or diluted hydrogen peroxide.  At the first opportunity, you must see a doctor.

Previously, humanity has already experienced water contamination problems – some of them huge and difficult to deal with. 

Bangladesh, 2000

In September 2000, Bangladesh has the most massive poisoning in the history of mankind, which occurred due to the pollution of drinking water with arsenic. The groundwater used for drinking has long been contaminated with natural arsenic. But it was only when about five million wells were dug to deliver water and save people from cholera and other intestinal infections that this became a national problem.

Iringa region, Tanzania, 2010

Nearly a thousand and a half hectares in this region were rented out to investors for agricultural and husbandry. These activities contaminated the water sources that served a population of 45,000 people. The cattle were allowed to wander near the water supplying sources. This resulted in increasing in E.coli bacteria levels, rendering the water unsafe to drink.

Veneto Region, Italy, 2018

According to experts, the substances are chemical carcinogens. Exposure to them may increase the likelihood of malignant tumors. The Government has allocated 80 million euros to clean up the environment.  

What products for water purification are available today?

To prevent any of the abovementioned problems, there are a lot of products for water purification on the market today. Water filters not only improve the taste of your water but also protect you from numerous toxins and bacteria. Surely, bottled water looks like a better choice, however, water filters and systems are more sustainable and will save you money in the long run.

To date, there are a huge number of such devices. They differ in size, the principle of operation, degree of purification, and, of course, price. The most used classification is considered to be based on the filtering method. It implies a division into the following groups: reverse osmosis systems, faucet attachments, and pitchers.

There are also whole-house systems from leading companies such as Brita, Ecowater Systems, and many others.

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