How To Save Your Smartphone’s Charge And Stay Connected During Power Outages

We are accustomed to having constant connectivity. We can always call our family and friends, no matter how far away they live, at any time. Nonetheless, there are circumstances under which the connection might be lost. Events such as catastrophes, military actions, and consequently, infrastructure destruction can occur at any moment. In this situation, you should conserve battery life on your gadgets and set up an algorithm for when your mobile connection drops.

General recommendations 

-Try to use any possible moment to keep your gadgets and power banks charged. Do it as frequently as you can.

– Select the mode of saving energy on your smartphone. Both the Quick Settings panel and general settings have a shortcut to this feature.

Reduce the amount of time the screen is on and choose efficient in terms of energy “wallpapers” while disabling screen auto-rotation as well.


Applications that are not essential to you and that actively use battery life or additional accounts are strongly advised to be uninstalled. The battery usage setting is where you may determine how much energy an application uses.

Turn off app synchronizations, and any auto activities, such as updates, etc, particularly if you have numerous accounts.

Restrict the amount of working applications to just those that are necessary for your survival, such as the Air Alert app, messenger, and phone conversations.

Unnecessary communications

Disable all voice prompts. What other features on the mobile device should you disable to conserve the life of its battery?

– Switch the vibration off.

– Switch off any unused Bluetooth and GPS interactions.

. Give up using your smartphone to play games. The same goes for watching any videos.

The power situation can worsen despite the use of all the aforementioned strategies. In this instance, heed the advice provided here:

– Select “emergency power saving” from the menu.

– If you have a backup connection, put your smartphone in airplane mode.

Decide when you and your loved ones will communicate again, and set up a time and location for meetups in case you are unable to do so. Encourage everyone in your vicinity to follow your example.

– Make a written copy of any essential phone numbers in case your phone battery drains.

Problems with mobile network

What if your mobile network becomes suddenly unavailable?

– Restart your phone.

– Periodically try to return (connect) to your operator’s network manually or by enabling network auto-selection.

– If you can’t get through, send a text message. Keep phone calls to a minimum.

– If you can’t connect, make sure the Airplane Mode is turned off. Find out if other people nearby have a connection.

– If other users have a working connection – turn off the phone, remove and reinsert the SIM card;

– try to test the SIM card on another device.

– If you are the only one who does not have a connection, you need to replace the SIM card. 

– If other users also have no connection with any operator, then the problem is infrastructure damage.

We hope these comprehensive tips will help you stay connected, even in the most critical moments. Stay safe!

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