How To Store Your Important Documents Properly

A protective bag is a means for reliable protection of documents and other compact items from dirt, water, sand, and fire. Airtight waterproof cases for documents will come in handy not only for domestic use but also in a crisis.

Making a crisis folder containing essential paperwork data is simple and necessary. Usually, people keep important documents in their desks, or protective home safes. Preppers, though, moved this process to the highest possible level. It is critical not only to save these essential files in a secure location but to have access to them at any time and make sure they are capable of surviving any catastrophic scenarios.

Today, medical information and statements from banks, are all kept in a cloud service or on electronic flash drives. Still,  papers continue to play an important part in both our professional and personal lives, so we should safeguard them. A protective document bag can help you add a layer of safety to your passport or your important certificates.

The choice of the best water and fireproof bags depends on the contents and the degree of protection required. 

How to choose

Protective document folders and bags should be considered not only water or fireproof but “fire-resistant” for better safety. 

The vast range of these bags is made of special fiberglass for enhanced heat resistance. Some have aluminum foil inserts as well. If the bag is in the middle of a fire, the contents are in danger. To avoid such a situation it is better to get a home safe that can withstand flames for a couple of hours for complete fire protection.

Storage spaces

The sizes of the bags range from little thin bags, similar to postal envelopes with only one compartment to big-sized bags with numerous compartments and spaces for organizing papers. Furthermore, many of them are supplied in sets, providing the possibility to put small-sized bags into one big bag for increased security.


A significant number of sellers advertise their fireproof bags as waterproof as well. An effective seal is required to prevent intense heating of the bag; in many cases, this seal is waterproof, too. A fire will most likely be extinguished with water, so it is beneficial to have a waterproof bag as well.


Important notes of all kinds, cash, passports, and birth certificates are common items kept in a protective document bag. Moreover, certain bags have enough room for extras like precious stones,  pictures, or digital stuff.

Here are some of our best choices. Keep in mind, that a home safe is the ideal place to keep all of these document packs for additional security.

Our choice

Avlone Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Documents Bag

This Avlone bag is known by many of us. The reviews about it are stably good. This bag features a double layer of special fiberglass for better protection, and a reflective band, for easy finding it in the darkness with the help of the torch. It is sturdy, with durable stitching, and made to last. It also has a double closure for protection against fire and water. The optimal portability of this bag is also important.

ENGPOW file organizer 

The Engpow organizer is ideal for securing critical items while maintaining them structured for simple access thanks to its various sections. This bag has the most advanced safety technology.

The main section of the Engpow fireproof bag has enough space to hold small files and documents. Its interior has two additional compartments with enough room for digital items, as well as four bags for holding important documents and certificates.

The silicone-treated fiberglass is the bag’s material. A waterproof and flame-resistant zipper shields the inside from temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. Additionally, a combination lock that protects the papers inside is included.

Colcase fireproof bag for documents

The Colcase Fireproof Document Bag is ideal for storing smaller amounts of documents and as a result, takes less of your precious space due to its narrower shape. In addition to being fireproof, the bag is also water resistant Actually, the Colcase bag stands up against heat up to 550 ℃.

If you are searching for a reliable bag with a thinner design this one is a perfect choice for you.


Although they have their purposes, fireproof bags are unlikely to shield your priceless items from a strong fire. The majority of items can only tolerate limited amounts of contact with intense heat and flames and are not fireproof.

Only a bag of very high quality can preserve items like electronics or flash drives.  It should be sufficient for the majority of your requirements if you need a fireproof container that you can access in an emergency, provided you can get it out before it burns out. 

A fireproof safe with a bag inside will offer a more reliable alternative if you need to preserve expensive pictures, technological devices, and documents. Stay safe!

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