5 С Survival Concept

For most modern preppers, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to carry an emergency evacuation backpack around all day, because it is really heavy. There are two ways out – either to improve your physical shape or to get rid of excess weight. Better yet, use both of these options at the same time. Alas, camping equipment of the best quality is light, but at the same time quite expensive. However, it’s worth it.

To survive in the wild, a modern person needs to be equipped with different things. The necessary items for survival will not only allow you to comfortably spend time on a hike or vacation but also save lives in the event of an unforeseen situation. There are a large number of devices, fixtures, and tools, that can be useful in the forest, desert, or swamp. According to American expert Dave Canterbury, a five-piece survival kit is quite capable of saving your life in all these locations.

Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury is an American expert who is known worldwide as a professional in the field of survival, and a participant in relevant television shows, various programs, and series that were broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Dave is also the author of several best-selling survival guides.

The personal development of the expert includes only 5 essentials, which is considered the most rational way to collect hiking backpacks. Education is based on the idea that most of the things that we take with us can be obtained in nature. Therefore, the author of the concept suggests taking with you only those items that are not available in the wild. It is with the help of these 5 things that you can get everything else.

5C survival kit

Let’s consider the composition of the 5C survival kit in more detail:

Cutting Tool – only a fool would go to the forest in winter without an ax, in the jungle you will need a parang or a machete, but for most latitudes, a survival knife will be enough.

Combustion Device is a source of sparks, be it matches, a lighter, an armchair, a Fresnel lens, or all together. All of these are tools that will provide you with a self-sufficient fire.

Coverage – this includes rescue and woolen blankets, awnings, ponchos, hammocks, sleeping bags, and the like, which will provide you with a ready-made shelter and help save resources, time, and calories spent on organizing an improvised shelter.

Container – first of all, we mean a container for water, which will help you with the storage and transportation of water supply.

Cordage has almost unlimited uses in the wild, from tying things or building shelters to making traps and nets.

10C survival kit

The 5Cs of survival listed above are the most basic and vital items that will greatly increase your chances of providing yourself with survival priorities. In addition to them, the author himself advises having five more items that expand the basic kit to the 10C survival kit:

Cloth is a cotton bandana or scarf, which can be used for a lot of applications: from being used as a water filter, to charring the fabric and starting a fire.

Cloth Needle is also a versatile enough item to help you repair existing gear or craft new ones.

Candleling Device – additional light sources (chemical or electric).

Compass is the main navigation device, which, although not so important when you are waiting for help to arrive. However, it is simply indispensable for independent movement and primitive navigation.

Cargo Tape is versatile and a fairly multifunctional product with a lot of applications in everyday life and survival situations.

Each of the items in the 5C survival kit can ensure the achievement of one or more survival priorities, which already makes them valuable enough. This value is also confirmed by the fact that they are the most difficult to reproduce in the natural environment.

Dave’s experience and knowledge allow him to rely on 5C survival kit items and healing plants in his habitat. Since many of us do not have such knowledge and skills, we strongly advise, in addition to the items listed above, to add a first aid kit to this list. You can find out more about first aid kits in our previous publications here.

Do not forget that knowledge is still much more important than equipment. The necessary knowledge will allow you to survive without many complex and fragile tools, or teach you how to make a replacement for them. Stay safe!

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