How to Stay Safe And Protect Your Family During Crisis

Imagine that you woke up in your cold house, where there is no electricity, no water flows from the tap, and no gas enters the boiler or stove. There are no people or cars on the street. You turned out to be one of the survivors in the post-apocalyptic desert.

Groups and priorities

Social behavior and cooperation are inherent in people at the genetic level. For the first time after the catastrophe, chaos will undoubtedly take over the world, but people will soon form communities again. The question is what will happen next. What will your priorities be, and what skills will your community need to relearn in the coming years to feed and secure itself?

Protective supplies

It’s one thing to be prepared for what might happen, and another thing to be prepared for those who might harm you. Because, unfortunately, when something bad happens, there are always people ready to rob and kill. Therefore, you should always think about how to hide everything you need in places that only you know about. You can make a supply of medicines, food, and means for self-defense. This will help you avoid trouble.

In the first few weeks, you will likely encounter a handful of other survivors. Be vigilant and wary of strangers until you form a group of people you can trust. You will be able to protect each other, and besides, together it is much easier to find food and get the things you need.

Place to live

Without mains electricity, elevators and lighting do not work, natural water sources are likely to be polluted, and all the land is rolled into asphalt and concrete. All this means that it will be much easier to survive in the countryside.

A classic country house with its stove for heating and cooking will be a much more comfortable home than a modern apartment stuffed with the latest appliances. In addition, it is much easier to make a house an impregnable fortress, organize its defense and establish a watch.

You can always make forays into a crumbling city to replenish supplies until you learn to survive and do everything yourself.

Acting Wisely

History has shown how easily natural disasters happen. The state of the planet is getting worse and worse. The possibility of pandemics and various conflicts is high. So those who prepare for disasters and learn to survive in unforeseen conditions are acting wisely.

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