Urban Survival – Courses And Training

A course or form of instruction called “survival training” equips learners with the skills they need to survive in any environment. Individuals learn how to provide basic necessities including food, shelter, and water in undeveloped places using both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. To address these objectives, course participants must learn how to locate and effectively utilize resources.

The topic of survival in cities is very interesting and large. You can read a lot of books, watch a lot of videos and really get a lot of valuable information from them, but this topic has another important feature that should be taken into account: in an extreme situation,  theory alone does not work. You must have profound skills.

Therefore, to survive, it is necessary to take a practical course or training. The same courses,  usually deal with the acquisition and practice of real survival skills in a big city, which one day can save the lives of you and your loved ones.

Such practical measures are mandatory for the acquisition and assimilation of skills. Thanks to them, you will receive a clear system of skills and knowledge that will give you confidence in your abilities, as well as help you not to get into dangerous situations.

Also, you will get acquainted with the key elements of urban survival and some very important urban survival hacks. 

Udemy Urban Survival Course

The focus of this training is on developing skills for surviving in and escaping from urban environments in case of disaster  Today, we are faced with many risks, including war, economic collapse, terrorism, and natural calamities. In such circumstances, it is very important to avoid chaos and stay calm to survive. The skills you learn during this course will enable you to survive in an urban setting until some help arrives. You will also be able to support yourself and friends in need while leaving inhabited city areas in order to survive.


This course will cover the essential skills needed to survive in urban settings, including:

 – How to determine whether to stay at home during a crisis

 – How to use shelters

– How to survive different types of attacks 

– How to survive a collapse of the officials

– How to create your survival bag 

– Resisting in the aftermath of a disaster

And much more…

Trueways 2-Day Urban Survival Course

The Trueways Survival Urban Preparedness Course aims to provide practical and suitable survival training for unforeseen circumstances in an urban setting. You will learn to deal with blackouts and without water or gas supplies. You will get practical advice and solution. You will also learn how to fulfill your duty and conduct regular daily tasks. 

Course’s Focus

This training focuses on practical planning, measures, and responses in the case of service interruptions as well as safety in urban settings, possibly when traveling or on vacation abroad. There is also a discussion of environmental problems and natural calamities.

Simple measures and planning, along with some expertise and skills based on the professionals’ real-world experience could be crucial for your survival. Be careful and prepared!

Staff members from Trueways who have experience in disaster aid and actual catastrophes around the world are presenting the course.

The skills you learn with each course or training will differ based on which course you choose, and where it is taking place. Stay safe!

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