Urban Survival: Heating Without Electricity

The ability to regulate our internal temperature is the one survival need we have to focus on foremost. This is our first concern. One of the main reasons for death in critical situations is the loss of body heat or hypothermia.

One of the key methods we employ to safeguard our bodies and keep our internal temperatures stable is shelter. 

But what to do if the heating in our house breaks down? You can most likely live if the power goes out for a day or two. However, it will be pretty difficult to survive without heat if it is extremely cold.

This necessitates finding a different way to generate heat, one that you can utilize securely and that will generate just enough heat to make you and your beloved warm. 

General rules:

– Open the curtains on a sunny day. The sun will heat the air through the window.

– Move constantly.

– Warm up from the inside – drink hot liquids (if you are going to heat water on an open fire, always pour boiling water into a thermos).

How to get warm without heating and electricity

Check the house/apartment for heat loss.

It is necessary to check and tighten window mechanisms so that they close tightly and there are no drafts. You should also check the rubber insulation inside the windows and replace them if necessary. The same should be done with the windows in the entrance corridor if it is a multi-apartment building.

Confined space conditions

If the situation is critical, choose one room in which everyone will live. Concentrated efforts to heat it will be more successful than warming several rooms. It is also possible to set up a tent in a room and arrange sleeping places in it. The temperature in the tent will be several degrees higher.


It is necessary to choose fleece jackets of all types and shapes and thermal underwear. Forget about usual home clothes, they should be very warm and multi-layered.

Please note that there are insoles for shoes with heating that can be powered by the power bank. Of course, in the conditions of power outages think about whether you will spend the “precious” charge on heating your feet. However, it is better to have them at hand.

Sleeping bags

It is better to take the most winter ones that you can find and that your budget allows. Also, provide yourself and your family with warm winter blankets, they will not be superfluous.

Heating pads

There are heating pads that contain chemicals inside. Such heaters work from 30 minutes to 4 hours. They can be placed in the bed to maintain a comfortable temperature and are used for heating in extreme conditions.


The best friend and the best heating pad in the world is your pet. If the cat or dog has not slept in your bed yet, we recommend that you let it go. You will warm each other.

Life hacks “from the people”

Such hacks can be quite dangerous. Therefore, we advise you to consider the risks associated with their use.

Heated brick

Heat a few bricks on the fire, then put them hot in a metal bucket or iron basin and bring them into the room. It must also be placed on a brick so as not to burn the floor.

Clay “battery”

Buy several clay flower pots, preferably unpainted and with a drainage hole at the bottom. Put several pill candles or small ordinary candles and cover them with a pot. The pot itself heats up and emits heat into the room. 

We hope that everything will be fine and that you will always be warm and comfortable. However, warned means armed. Stay safe!

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