Adaptogen: An Important Component Of A Survivalist’s First Aid Kit

The search for medications that enhance human skills in sports, the military, and space exploration led to the appearance of some popular treatments and biologically active supplements in the daily lives of common people. Among them are adaptogens. Research on this class of compounds started before World War II. These days, ginseng, Eleutherococcus, and other components are among the medications known as adaptogens, and their efficacy has been confirmed.

 The function of adaptogens is inherent in their name. They help the body to adapt to various types of stress: temperature changes, viral diseases, physical exertion, or anxiety. The impact of adaptogens on human health is the focus of this article.


Since 1947, the term “adaptogens” has been used to describe a class of substances that contribute to self-regulation and are safe for human health. These substances encourage the body to become accustomed to stressful situations and negative environmental variables by utilizing reserve mechanisms, influences, and effects that do not operate under normal circumstances. Taking adaptogens is intended to enhance cellular tissue metabolism, boost mental and physical performance, and stop various disorders, such as job-related illnesses.

The first classification of adaptogens appeared in the late 60s. Today it looks as follows:

Adaptogens can be of different origin:

– animal and mineral;

– plant;

– synthetic.

Animal and mineral origin

The list of adaptogens of this origin is also quite large: spirulina, brown seaweed, honey, and by-products of beekeeping – bee pollen, quill, propolis, royal jelly, shark oil, immunoglobulins from donor blood, and much more. 

Insoluble adaptogens of plant origin include such tree resins as Boswellia (frankincense), mastic of pistachio tree, and others.

Plant origin

Currently, the subgroup of plant adaptogens includes extracts made from parts of the following plants:

– echinacea;

– ginseng;

– Chinese lemongrass;

– licorice;

– ginger;

– turmeric (curcumin);

– Ginkgo biloba;

and many others.

Other plants that have intricate effects on the body may be on this list. They should, at the very least, reduce fatigue, improve physical performance, have antioxidant qualities, and reduce the signs and symptoms of depression. They also need to enhance thinking abilities, as well as increase the functioning of the central nervous system.

Synthetic origin

Popular today adaptogens of synthetic origin are betaine, bemitil, phenibut, a synthetic analog of D-glucose, aromatic compounds – mitoxantrone, fluorene, and many others. It makes no sense to enumerate everything since the list is very long. Our goal is to familiarize you with examples of adaptogens and their effect on the body.

Influence on the human organism

The active ingredients in these substances and compounds work in harmony with the body’s defenses to activate tissue metabolism, avoid illnesses brought on by excessive external pressures, and maintain or improve both mental and physical health.

Research indicates that adaptogens can assist prevent the body from reaching a breaking point where it can no longer handle the challenges that have “piled up”. Their primary function is to assist the body in adjusting to stress, exhaustion, and adverse environmental conditions.  These medications were formerly known as tonics or stimulants. However, adaptogens differ from stimulants, and tonic medicines in that they gradually restore dynamic equilibrium, enhance functioning, and boost efficiency, and all of the improvements do not go back to their previous levels.

By their very nature, adaptogenic plants are truly active ingredients that deeply restore energy. Their tonic effect is the mechanism that can be described as the ability to “recharge the battery” of human activity for everyday tasks.

Thus, through this deep energization, adaptogens provide several general benefits:

  • help the body better withstand various stresses (physical, mental, and emotional);
  • enhance physical vitality;
  • support mental and cognitive function.

Each adaptogen plant extract has the benefits listed above. In addition, each of them simultaneously has its own unique properties. So, it’s important to choose the one that meets your current needs. As you can see, adaptogens are simply a must-have in a survivalist’s first aid kit. Stay safe!

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