Uncommon Items For Survival Bag

This article offers several unusual suggestions for survival bags, most of which are nice to have but not essential. Listed below is a bug-out bag checklist that covers amazing useful items. Most of these go into the “wants” column when it comes to the excessive weight problem, but they are still cool! 

We all adore the newest emergency gear, and every day we discover a fresh item to add to our list of desires. These devices will help to survive several days safely and make it easier for a person to stay in survival conditions. For example, some gadgets light your way, and some help you prepare food. All of them will be very useful.

The main property of such gadgets is usefulness. Survival gadgets aren’t exactly fun to play with while camping because they have to perform a specific function to help you survive. For example, headphones cannot be called a survival gadget, but a multitool with a large number of functions can. Let’s highlight several interesting devices that will come in handy while hiking or in other extreme situations.

Multitool Leatherman Oht One-Hand Tool

This gadget appeared not as a tool for hiking, but as a piece of professional military equipment. It was created for the US Army, but the multitool is also actively used on hikes.

It appears to have a matte black texture and is shaped like a wire cutter with additional retractable blades and openers. The list of tools includes a knife, a saw, 4 types of screwdrivers, and openers of different types. There are also simple and reinforced wire cutters, and a lot more. For a simple hike this will be too much, but in the wild anything can happen. If you are going on a long hike to some extreme place, this multitool is definitely for you.

Heated Gloves 

Although it’s not a good idea to fully rely on technologies, these gloves are nonetheless really cool.They have received many positive reviews, even though most reviewers consider them more of a comfort than a survival item.

Pocket Chainsaw

This item is a bit larger than the normal wire saw we usually have in our survival bags, but considering your circumstances, you might want something a bit tougher.

It is superior to an axe for cutting the logs to the proper length, leaving a clean cut. This makes it possible to keep the logs steady. It can also be helpful if you want to build a large shelter.

BioLite CampStove 2

This is a universal device that will become one of your biggest helpers. It is a compact oven with an electronic control unit on the side. Its peculiarity is that it is multifunctional: you can cook food or boil a kettle over the fire. At the same time, you can charge your phone; there is a USB port on the side of the control unit. The device also has a built-in battery. It is charged from a generator that runs on thermal energy. You can cook food, warm up, and charge your phone or any other device.

The stove itself runs on wood and coal. All you have to do is gather some brushwood and light it. The device has special fans that promote air circulation, increasing fire and heat transfer. Survival gadgets of this type are, among other things, not heavy and have foldable legs, so they fit well into backpacks. 

Multifunction Radio Receiver Eton Raptor

The device is considered a radio receiver, but it is incorrect to call it that because it has a whole bunch of functions. There is a small screen on the front that shows the date, time, and selected radio frequency. The frequency spectrum includes FM and AM. Survival gadgets of this format are often protected from moisture and dust, and this model is no exception.

Additional features include an alarm clock, a thermometer, an altimeter that shows altitude, a barometer that shows pressure, and an electronic compass. Also, it functions as a powerful LED light.

The device runs on a 1800 mAh battery. That doesn’t seem like much until you realize there’s a solar panel running the entire length of the back of the device. It charges the gadget in 18 hours and has a charge indicator. At the bottom of the radio, there is a USB port with which you can charge other gadgets. A nice addition to everything is the bottle opener on top.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of cool items. Be always prepared and stay safe!

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