Survival Multi-Tool

From starting a fire to creating a shelter, survival multi-tools can assist you with a variety of daily activities. They come in many different forms, including the traditional folding knife and the most technologically advanced, the survival business card.

What is it?

Multi-tool is a multifunctional instrument. It was invented by Tim Leatherman, President of Leatherman Tool Group Inc., who introduced the first pocket multi-tool back in 1975. The use of the device in practice has gained popularity due to its compactness, a large number of functions, and, as a result, the absence of the need to carry a large number of various tools, which is crucial, in the case of emergencies.

Types and Components

A multi-tool usually has the form of folding pliers with hollow handles, in which additional tools are located on the outside or inside. The design is on rivets (not collapsible), as well as collapsible, on hex screws. In the production, various materials are used for the constituent components: titanium, steel, and plastic. Weight, depending on the model and configuration, can range from 50 to 350 grams. A set of multi-tools can be roughly divided into those designed for field conditions, specialized, and multi-tool for home use.

Multi-tools can be either with fixing tools or without. Therefore, when buying, you have to consider your needs and expediency. The main components of the tool are:  pliers – the main component of most multi-tools – wire cutters that are combined with pliers – knife – can have one or more blades – screwdriver – scissors – bottle opener – can opener – file – can be combined with a saw or a hacksaw for metal. 

Why it is a great decision to have a multi-tool?

Buying a multi-tool is a great decision. It is difficult to call such a set of tools useless, and without a doubt, it will be a great helper in the case of any emergency. Of course, the multi-tool cannot be considered a replacement for full-sized tools. But in the case of an emergency, it is a question of survival to have a compact and lightweight device that can be carried in your pocket. And if you purchase two types – specialized and for home use ones, then you will actually provide yourself with a set of devices for all occasions.

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