Survival Watches: Saving Life And Health

Watches are a piece of survival equipment that is much too frequently disregarded. The majority of us have put timepieces away relying more on smartphones and tablets.

It should not be surprising that the equipment needed for each different type of survival emergency varies as well. Consider the qualities that are most important to you personally, when choosing a survival watch.

For most people, getting into an extreme situation is a terrible event for which they are never prepared. However, some enthusiasts will not be hindered from doing their business at all. Much of it comes down to the right equipment. Including such, rather ordinary, things as wristwatches.

Nowadays, not every person wears them on his arm, believing that the timer, alarm clock, and stopwatch on the phone are enough. On the one hand, it’s true. But on the other hand, in an emergency, a real survival watch will greatly facilitate the task of saving life and health, thanks to its advanced functionality.

Citizen Promaster Altichron

First on our list are analog survival watches. The Citizen Promaster Altichron model is equipped with many built-in functions, including an altimeter that works even at an altitude of 9000 meters above sea level. And also – a built-in compass, a separate date tracking window, and a drive that allows you to wind the watch from any source of light.

Tactical smartwatch Garmin MARQ Commander

Most smartwatches are not adapted for the survival situation at all. The Garmin MARQ Commander Tactical Smartwatch is a unique exception. It can last 14 days without additional charging in active mode, including dual-format onboard GPS. This model offers a super strong titanium coating. A bunch of built-in sensors, information storage mode, and other functions are also added. However, such a model is pretty expensive, priced at about two thousand dollars.

A survival watch Luminox Recon NAV 88З1 KM

The Luminox brand specializes in “tough watches” for “tough men”. Such, for example, as US Marines or Icelandic rescuers. And they, of course, often find themselves in situations where they cannot do without reliable equipment. The Luminox Recon NAV 88Z1 KM Survival Watch model is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement, which is enclosed in a carbon-reinforced case. It also has a high-quality rubber strap and a built-in compass. Moreover, date tracking, a stopwatch, and, which is quite rare, a pedometer with automatic speed measurement are also included. The whole thing can be safely immersed in water to a depth of up to 200 meters.

How to choose?

A reliable watch, and not just an analog watch, can be a great survival tool. The main thing is to make your choice wisely.

The main point that all models must comply with is their quality. Should withstand the most severe operating conditions. In addition, they must all be waterproof, albeit to varying degrees. But normal humidity should always be dealt with. A number of other advantages are the presence of barometer and altimeter functions – so that you can predict the weather and a compass.

Survival watches are always trustworthy. They must withstand water, have a long battery life, and continue to function even when you want to give up. Stay safe!

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