Three Universal Rules For Survival Everywhere

How do you go to the mountains, survive in the wilderness, go on a trip and come back without rescue help, or just go to a movie and come back without adventure? Three golden rules of survival work everywhere. Following them will save your life, your health, your mood, and even your finances.

These rules were formulated by Polish traveler and survival expert Jacek Pałkiewicz. They are all built on the principle of safety and a sense of proportion.

The first rule

“The first rule is that you have to anticipate the situation.

If you go somewhere, you should think about your physical and professional preparation and equipment. You also need to calculate your strength and capabilities. For example, if you are hiking in the mountains, you must have not only the desire but also the profound knowledge and ability to be in an extreme environment.

If it is an ordinary city, then, for example, in winter, when giant icicles are hanging from the building roofs, you need to anticipate the possibility of their breaking off and collapsing on your head.

A person should always be in the course of information processing and see possible variants of events. This is all about making right or wrong decisions.

The second rule

“The second rule is to avoid risk as much as possible”. If the assessment of the correlation of your capabilities with the situation was objective and you saw real risks for yourself, you need to have a firm determination to abandon the planned event.

By the way, this formula works in all circumstances, even in everyday life. For example, a loan that you are unable to repay is a problem that you have created yourself, by poorly thinking through the consequences.

We believe that if you stick to the first two rules, it will not come to the third, where you will need all your courage. 

The third rule

“The third rule is to act decisively when necessary.” In a critical situation, it is necessary to act correctly and quickly. Sometimes minutes and even seconds decide the question of life and death.

Here you will need all your strength and skills at the limit of human capabilities. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of a positive outcome at all, so it is best not to cross this line.

We advise everyone to be guided by the golden rules of experienced traveler and survival expert Jacek Palkiewicz. They were formulated long ago, but still have not lost their relevance. One of the most important mistakes even experienced survivalists make is overestimating their capabilities. The main mistake is overestimating one’s abilities concerning any situation when one thinks that everything is within one’s reach. Take a realistic view of the situation. You need to think critically and plan several steps ahead. Also, take a look at the fundamental survival principles outlined in our previous article here.

Follow these rules of survival everywhere. Make them the rules of your lifestyle. Stay safe!

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