The Best Survival Knives: Blades For Any Situation

The usage of instruments throughout the history of humanity has been one of the key elements in our successful survival. In many scenarios, people can still be at the mercy of the environment, but having the correct equipment means surviving without a doubt. In this case, a knife is the most important item to have. These helpful items make it possible to accomplish many of a person’s survival needs, such as igniting a fire and building temporary housing, performing simple first aid, and defending from dangers. They are also indispensable while cooking or hunting in the wild.

Overall recommendations

Survival knives need to be able to perform a wide variety of tasks, as opposed to the typical usual knife, which is designed for quite different tasks of simple cutting. They also need to be able to withstand almost any load.

Although foldable knives are favored for everyday use, their closing mechanisms are relatively fragile and are prone to becoming clogged. It stands to reason that a fixed blade would make the best survival knife. Such type of knives is would be less likely to malfunction and thus typically longer-lasting. 


There are several different blade shapes available for survivalists’ knives, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The more straightforward, bushcraft-style blades perform well in most survival situations. They provide great cutting operations, even though it can be attractive to choose the more forceful-looking knives. It’s essential to choose a survival knife that features a blade that spans the entire length of the blade, as this offers much greater integrity and durability.


Choosing a blade’s steel is likely of vital importance, but the handle of the knife is still crucial. There are several distinct features to take into account, but we can limit the discussion to ergonomic qualities and materials. In terms of survival, an ergonomic knife handle will always work better because a knife that is difficult to grip for a prolonged period eventually drops in value. The material of the handle might also influence the durability of your tool. Tougher handle materials, even higher in price, can withstand heavy usage and resist rusting. We prepared a list of the knives that can facilitate most of your survival needs in any situation.

Tops Brakimo

The Tops Brakimo is an extremely tough and practical survival knife that features a  high-carbon steel blade. It was created by Bushcraft expert Joe Flowers to withstand some of the roughest and most dangerous places on the globe. The Bushcraft Global Brakimo is the signature knife of the prestigious program for survivalists taught in Colombian wild environments.

KA-BAR Becker Kephart

Wood is occasionally said to have a handle that is too polished compared to modern artificial materials for a survival knife. But many knife manufacturers that built their names on the traditional approach use it today. The Becker Kephart is a contemporary interpretation of an American classic; its name honors Horace Kephart, an outdoor enthusiast who spent devoted much of his life to living in the wild while carrying a knife resembling this one.

With a wide blade and a wooden grip with a modest guard, this version resembles the genuine item Horace used to have. 


ESEE-5P has been produced in the USA. It is supported by the most thorough lifetime warranty. It also can be considered a genuine multipurpose knife with a fixed carbon steel blade that is quite hefty and one-quarter inch thick. In addition, it has a 5.25-inch cutting edge and weighs slightly under 1 lb.

Benchmade Anonimus

The Anonimus is the newest outdoor model from the renowned maker Benchmade. It is a lightweight survival knife with a strong edge that has been designed with wilderness survival uses in mind. The use of this amazing knife enables the blade, although very thin, to endure duties often designated for considerably thicker blades. Except for its low weight, it also has a perfectly fitted handle.There are plenty more great knife models around. Want to check out additional blades that are incredibly conducive to survival use? You can try and check here. Make your choice wisely and stay safe!

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